No One Stands As tall As When One Stoops To Help A Child



      Past Board of Directors:

        Minnesota Orchestral Association (Youngest member at age 29)

            Minneapolis Boys & Girls Club
A.C.E.S. – Athletes Committed to Educating Students
                                 (Founding Chairman of the Board)

      Youth Athletics:

                   Coach:   Hockey, Baseball

                   Clinics:  Power Skating – hockey

                                  On-ice/off-ice conditioning – hockey

                                  Stick handling & Shooting – hockey

                                  Hitting – baseball

                                  Fielding – baseball

      Continuous help with people of all ages in achieving their goals and instilling confidence in them.


      Community  Involvement -- Charitable
Throughout the past thirty-five years Mr. Villaume has been anonymously contributing directly to those in need and to many charitable organizations.  
             All help is wonderful, but sometimes it's done to receive notoriety which defeats the purpose of the gift.  

            One only needs to remember a time in their life when an unexpected gift or assistance appeared at the moment when it was needed.  That is the meaning behind a gift or assistance.